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More ABout The Game

There are thousands of awesome games available online but one of the popular game in casual section is episode choose your story. Episode interactive is the developer and publisher of this awesome game and you can download it free of cost from Google Play Store as well as from Apple App store.

I have also played this awesome game on my Smartphone and found so many great things. The goal in this game is to read awesome stories that are completely based on whatever decision you take. If you love to read stories then this is game for you.  Gems and passes are playing important role in this game that’s why you can get them with our Episode Hack.

If you want to read all the awesome stories but don’t want to tackle to any issue then collecting sufficient amount of resources plays an important role. You can collect a good amount by playing or you can use In-app purchases to buy it. However, episode cheats offer a great alternative to fulfill your need.

  1. How to get extra pass?

In this episode choose your story Review, I am telling my personal experience and methods that helped me in the faster progression. You can also rely on these can get rid of all the issues with ease. These are pretty much reliable and used by most of people.

So, the first thing is, how to get extra passes because these are playing vital role in this game. Well, rating this game on Google Play Store or Apple App Store but make sure to do it when the game asks you about it. You will get three passes by using this method and it is helpful.

  1. Know Stories in Advance

There are lots of episodes to read in this game but you can find that there is an app which is called as episodes cheats and few other like this.  You can know that what will happen next on your one decision which is quite helpful and good option to go with.

You can try out bunch of apps like this and these are available for Android devices mainly. So, make sure to try out such apps and getting rid of all the issues. You can focus on the story by this method otherwise it is hard to go back in the game.

  1. Wait for Passes

Passes are playing an important role in this and you have to collect a sufficient amount of it. If you don’t want to get into any issue then you should wait for passes instead of going for the purchases option. Waiting is worth than spending real money.

Most of people go for the purchases but there are some better alternatives. You can try out episode choose your story hack and it is better option. You can earn sufficient amount with ease and it is helpful in getting passes and gems both.

Gem is the premium currency of the game and it is playing an important role to skip stories and such other things. You can get a great amount of gems with the single use of tool that I mentioned. It helped me read all the stories with ease.

  1. Daily Challenges

It is better to complete daily challenges because there are numerous benefits to avail with it. You can earn passes as well as gems too. The reward offered for most of tasks is passes but the challenges are easy to complete and these can help in earning more amount.

If you are not willing to play daily challenges then don’t forget to claim for free passes. These are provided every hour and you can earn a decent amount with ease. Use these free passes to play some of awesome stories and levels.

  1. Must customize your character

There are two characters, male and female. You can choose the one and all the stories will be based on those characters. It is really a great option to customize your character and come up with something new. It has some great benefits that you can avail with ease.

Creating a character from scratch make this game beautiful and amazing to play so you have to be imaginative and come up with something cool. There are outfits and much more to choose. Each time, you should choose colors of items with less contrast so that your characters look great.

Easy to control

Most important thing is the controls. Some games are designed by adding the complicated controls. It is not easy to understand these types of controls. Consequently, the players will face issues while playing it. In the case of this particular game, you need to deal with easy controls. These controls are highly understandable.

Story creation

Anyone can easily create stories. For such a task, he/she should have a good story and concept. The individuals those want to create the fresh story they should follow a genre first. Choosing a genre provides base and a good idea for the story development.

With it, you are able to enjoy numerous pre-created stories. There are more than 75000 stories featured with the interface. In addition to it, many players are created various stories on a daily basis. It increases the number of stories and provides more entertaining features.

Various types of genres

When it comes to stories, then genres are playing an important role. Mainly the genres are categories in which stories are divided as per the concept. The game is featured with numerous genres such as –

  • Mystery
  • Hollywood
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Comedy

These are the main genres accessed by the story creators.

Customization of character

In a story, the main thing is a character. Everyone needs to customize their characters and try to add some impressive ones. It increases the rating of the story and makes it so attractive. For such a task, you can access the customization feature. By accessing the feature, the players can make the following changes.

  • Face
  • Hair color
  • Skin Tone
  • Hair style

With all these things, you are able to change the outfits. These things are highly beneficial in changing appearance and providing an attractive look.

Pre-created stories

As we know that, there are some pre-created stories available. Some of these stories are based the famous characters and concepts. Some of these stories are –

  • Bad boy’s girl
  • Pretty little liars
  • Demi Lovato: Path to Fame
  • Started with a lie
  • I married a prince
  • My brother’s best friend

Similar to these ones, the players can enjoy several attractive stories. You can access all these stories and enjoy them by playing a specific role.

What about in-game funds?

While performing activities, you need to take help from the funds. In the game, you can see two types of funds such as –

  • Gems
  • Passes

Both types of currencies are used for different purposes and be easily collected with Episode choose your story cheats. Gems are the primary currency and used for unlocking different types of stories. With it, the purchase of outfits and other things is based on the gems.

Passes are the second currency. By completing the stories and episodes, you can receive passes as a reward. In case anyone wants to gather a big amount quickly then he/she can consider the in-app purchase. Here, they can get funds in exchange of real money.

Final Words

This is all I did in episode choose your story and you can also progress well by using these tips. In order to avoid issues like preferring in-app purchases, you should use episode choose your story cheats. Most of users are relying on it and getting enormous number of benefits with ease. It is easy to use program with great benefits. Hope, this review will help you out.