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A Complete Episode Choose Your Story Guide

Episode Choose Your Story is mainly played by story lovers. For these types of individuals, there are numerous impressive stories available with better visuals. In case anyone has skills of creating stories they can how talent here.

For creating the stories, you need to take help from different types of elements and stuff. These things can be unlocked or used by spending virtual money. Episode hack provides enough money by which the players can unlock all things easily. Mainly these things are –

  • Impressive outfits
  • Fashion accessory

In the upcoming details, I’m going to mention different types of facts related to the game.

Easy to control

Most important thing is the controls. Some games are designed by adding the complicated controls. It is not easy to understand these types of controls. Consequently, the players will face issues while playing it. In the case of this particular game, you need to deal with easy controls. These controls are highly understandable.

Story creation

Anyone can easily create stories. For such a task, he/she should have a good story and concept. The individuals those want to create the fresh story they should follow a genre first. Choosing a genre provides base and a good idea for the story development.

With it, you are able to enjoy numerous pre-created stories. There are more than 75000 stories featured with the interface. In addition to it, many players are created various stories on a daily basis. It increases the number of stories and provides more entertaining features.

Various types of genres

When it comes to stories, then genres are playing an important role. Mainly the genres are categories in which stories are divided as per the concept. The game is featured with numerous genres such as –

  • Mystery
  • Hollywood
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Comedy

These are the main genres accessed by the story creators.

Customization of character

In a story, the main thing is a character. Everyone needs to customize their characters and try to add some impressive ones. It increases the rating of the story and makes it so attractive. For such a task, you can access the customization feature. By accessing the feature, the players can make the following changes.

  • Face
  • Hair color
  • Skin Tone
  • Hair style

With all these things, you are able to change the outfits. These things are highly beneficial in changing appearance and providing an attractive look.

Pre-created stories

As we know that, there are some pre-created stories available. Some of these stories are based the famous characters and concepts. Some of these stories are –

  • Bad boy’s girl
  • Pretty little liars
  • Demi Lovato: Path to Fame
  • Started with a lie
  • I married a prince
  • My brother’s best friend

Similar to these ones, the players can enjoy several attractive stories. You can access all these stories and enjoy them by playing a specific role.

What about in-game funds?

While performing activities, you need to take help from the funds. In the game, you can see two types of funds such as –

  • Gems
  • Passes

Both types of currencies are used for different purposes and be easily collected with Episode choose your story cheats. Gems are the primary currency and used for unlocking different types of stories. With it, the purchase of outfits and other things is based on the gems.

Passes are the second currency. By completing the stories and episodes, you can receive passes as a reward. In case anyone wants to gather a big amount quickly then he/she can consider the in-app purchase. Here, they can get funds in exchange of real money.